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Heart Means Everything (2021 Remastered)

by With Honor

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One last time and then we will make The choice to change our ways Life's greatest excuse has gotten hold of us It eats away at decisions and promises we made Stealing our success and taking our triumphs for another day It's not too late to rethink and to return to The hour when our desire freely ran It's the greatest shame  Carved out on the ones who have turned away Giving up their dreams for mediocrity  Never knowing, never thinking they've signed their lives away But what's to be said for us who take life by the hand? We will prove wrong all of our critics And smash our greatest doubts We will see heights we never thought we'd reach I know the pain that keeps us down Somehow self doubt keeps us from breaking ground We need to reclaim control and get ourselves on track Forget our mistakes, we've made so many But there's no going back  Don't let go, it's not too late to rethink and to return to The hour when our desire freely ran Rethink, return, there's no looking back We can be free through this struggle Decide to find strength in your beliefs There's no looking back, we will be free
All this pain closing in Pressure from every side has got me running Advice comes to cloud my plight  And opinions breed my confusion I will admit, I haven't been the scared in so long A friend lost with no explanation strikes me as wrong Family should not disappear when they disagree It just goes to show your love was fake Not once did I think you would abandon me In my time of need  There's no sense in trying to be someone I'll never be So save your spite and walk away Just walk away
No! This has gone far enough When mouths run fast fists attack Walls may crash but we're not moving These nights mean too much to let them fall without a fight And now a time's at hand where we must defend what's so clear, so right It's time to choose our sides, so who will rise to this call Who will empower the weak and catch friends when they fall It's time to choose our sides, no backing out And if they want a war, they'll see a war They'll get a war tonight There's power in our desperation  There is strength in a mind that does not rest Always ready, always holding on These times, they are our tests  Through hard work and dedication  Justice will come to pass Here tonight everything changes We'll lay siege to closed minds Tonight everything changes These ties that bind will not be broken We'll lay siege to closed minds and tightened fists Staying close to the truth we know Moving past whatever is in our way This has gone far enough When we can stand together in one mind and one heart We'll see, everything will change If we can stand together When we can stand together  They will know, it will be clear, we are more than heroes
Winding roads and wrong turns With a flip of a coin your hopes come crashing down It's easy to be bitter when clarity becomes a cloud Plans have turned into pieces your friends have let you down By your side when things are shining But when it's dark they're nowhere to be found It's easy to be bitter when you've been left behind Soon your hand will place the blame To being this cycle once again But there will come a time when our hands are open Holding one another's worries Dry your eyes you're not alone Cut the loss, keep moving on Life has it's share of hard times It's better to take a risk than try to calculate it's chances Keep pushing on, you're not alone
Yesterday is gone, my heart is singing a new day's song With the good days, the bad days will come But I'm ready to move on All my worries and all my fears  I've pushed aside in a swift stream of tears Times have changed, minds have changed Hope for help was lost We'll find it real, not when we get there but here now In this decision, in the resolve to look around With open eyes and see that circumstance can't take control Our lives are in our hands Looking back on the faint memories There was a heart that burned to be true And I will get there when I realize that Life lies in this moment Yesterday is gone, but today is in my hands
Time flies and it's flown away with me this time All my good intentions taken out, by my absent mind Apologies are far too small when in them arrogance stands tall So let me throw away my pride because I have nothing to hide This is our fight, side by side Reaching out to make this right No matter how small the chance or how great the task, I will try No matter how long the fall or what's at stake, I'll aim to fly You've shown me what it's like to live, nowhere to look but up Nothing to hold back, everything to give Your friendship means the world to me Maybe we'll never lose this Maybe time will make us into memories But one thing is true in the end We'll be glad we gave all we had
Hollowed out, empty We've watched months erase the memories of years It's not tradition, not meaningless ideals It's a fire that draws us near So come close let your eyes meet mine Try hard to deny this burning inside Grab hold to status quo to justify Keep telling yourself there is nothing more to life But there's so much more than killing Than preying on insecurity Than getting what you want no matter who is at cost Wake up, realize your virtue is dead Your life, conviction for vanity But we'll take this stage never forgetting the days When heart meant everything This time is soon to end and all your clothes and cliques will go with it When the dust clears we'll see that love still stands The love that has no shame, no fronts no fruitless games The love that lays life down for a friend Your time is up
Are you happy with the way you're living  Alone and in the dark? Turned your back on the ones  Who waited for you when you had gone awry Always chasing the one who won't ever run you dry If you've got money, he's got the time Cast aside everything you held dear And now it's been so long it seems it never was at all Breaking bottles, all is lost  Your addictions have a cost  No excuses, I won't buy in They're nothing but lies Years past every day a new face to try on Discourse as cheap as the highs you ride on Believe me I've tried to stay patiently but it's getting hard So hard for me not to speak  Here's what I think You're everything I never want to be I hate to see a life so compromised  Potential sold just for a selfish drive Every waking moment when we fail to change There are choices made  We must search out life for today Strength to live life for today
It's all the same, putting others down to take their place Wasting away, strung high on attitude. Did we forget we all came from the same start It's all the same, dissent in the name of unity We hear your words but where are the actions To merit the glory you say you deserve? It's just a claim. It's all the same, putting others down to take their place Wasting away, strung high on attitude Did we forget we all came from the same start It's all the same, dissent in the name of unity We hear your words but where are the actions To merit the glory you say you deserve? It's just a claim. Eyes blink, and we grow older. Why not wiser? Differences that once decorated now divide Hands throwing hatred only waste their time Time that could build us up, instead of keeping us at bay Instead of building walls, brick by brick  They've gotten tall enough To block our minds but now it's time they fall Looks like we need to step back And learn to value the person inside  When we stare across a crowded room Release all of the preconceived notions that haunt us It's sad to see so many entertained at their own expense Talking such good game, casting off every shred of integrity When will we learn, we're all the same


released September 17, 2021


all rights reserved



With Honor Connecticut

Positive hardcore

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